What is the difference between R17d and Fa8 8ft tubes?

Greentek manufactures numerous LED types and lighting styles, one being the 8ft LED Tube. Our 8ft tube lights come in different styles to fit nearly all applications. Greentek offers two different 8ft tubes, one is the integrated light and the other is the linear tube replacement. Today we are going to discuss the linear tube replacement. As per usual, the 8ft linear tubes are two end bypass, which means you will need to disconnect the ballast and wire one end hot the other end neutral. The 8ft linear tubes come with 2 different end caps. The first, is the fa8 end cap to fit the single pin socket. This is the most common 8ft light which can be found in warehouses, retail shops, etc. The R17d end cap fits into the HO or high output socket (sometimes referred to as 2 pin, however very different then the g13). These sockets are usually found in signs and coolers. **The location of the sockets can vary** 

Check out the videos below to see the differences!