A little about us and how we started.


Greentek Energy Systems officially started in 2011 with the concept to bring energy efficient LED products to the market. At the time, it was necessary to bring in a product which could help save businesses money by simply switching out their lights. Through an intricate ROI analysis, Greentek helped pave the way to what the LED industry is today.

Today, Greentek strictly provides LED and Solar solutions to the distribution market. Recently, Greentek has accounts setup with the top 15 electrical distributors in the United States servicing over 5,000 distributors nationwide. Greentek strives to bring the highest quality product with prompt shipping out of our five large warehouses in Georgia, California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. This coupled with industry know-how and world class customer support makes it an easy decision for distributors to choose Greentek.

Advantages of Greentek

Greentek brings an edge to the lighting world that has not been seen in the industry. Greentek adapts the newest LED technologies- whether it be the latest chip, driver, or mold. Through rigorous testing and aging, Greentek quickly brings these products months and sometimes years before the larger corporations can adapt. With LEDs rapidly improving in technology, it is to our advantage to provide the latest and most innovative products in the market.


In 2017, Greentek has been awarded with the Inc. 500 award. This award acknowledges the fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States. Growing at a tremendous pace of 5,027% over the last 3 years, Greentek has come in at #73 overall on the list, #8 in Energy companies, and #1 in LED companies!
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